About SCR

Through a deep love of noodle bowls and records, we decided that there was too much great music going unnoticed, both new and old. With roots firmly planted in New Orleans, and an interest in celebrating good music everywhere, we decided to do something about it. Voila a label is born. Sinking City Records is our attempt to showcase music that moves us in hopes that it moves you too.

Out Now on Sinking City/Urban Unrest Records

SCR-014 BLACKBIRD & SEPROCK Lifetime b/w Hustler

When I first met Seprock he gave this tape of his beats and raps by Blackbird. Lifetime got a lot of play, and then the whole tape. Since then Sinking City released a double LP of some of Seprock beats. He is both prolific and visionary, and these tracks feature his guitar playing and production paired with Blackbirds OG tales of New Orleans streets. Blackbird ghost wrote for other rappers back in the day, but these are his first tracks featuring his vocals on wax.

SCR-013 RICKY B Shake It Fo Ya Hood (Street) b/w Shake It Fo Ya Hood (Clean)

Shake It Fo Ya Hood is the track that launched Urban Unrest/Sinking City Records back in 2013. Originally released in 1994, it is a certified classic. It features slightly different lyrics on the clean and dirty versions so you can fight with your friends about which one is better.

SCR-012 ZE11A – 94 ft. Mannie Fresh, Bonka, Chedda b/w Out Here ft. Anderson.Paak, L.G., Chels

New Orleans next great super producer Ze11a dropped his self released full length, 4What4U, earlier this year with features from many of New Orleans strongest. He scored the Bally Animals documentary coming out in fall 2018, and has many big things in store. These tracks were two of our favorites off the full length, which is available on all digital platforms. 94 features the legend Mannie Fresh (alongside Bonka and Chedda) talking about 1994 when New Orleans rap was just getting primed to take over the world and Out Here features L.G. and Chels alongside Anderson.Paak, who needs no introduction!

SCR-011 PACO TROXCLAIR Duffy (Street) b/w Duffy (Clean)

Produced by legends KLC & Full Pack, Paco Troxclair dropped a huge track that hits hard and mixes the now with classic New Orleans production. Check the video to see Sunday second line vibes in the Calliope Projects. Digital and full length Where We From out now on all digital platforms.

Raspberry Chocolate Souffle is the first release from New Orleans multi-instrumentalist and producer Anthony Cuccia aka The Night Janitor.

Raspberry Chocolate Souffle is a psychedelic analog electronic journey comprised of dreamy pop tunes and electro hip-hop instrumentals woven together into a uniquely personal sound. This is South Louisiana Beat Music like an imagined best of 80s tape trader music mail-ordered from Factsheet 5 mixed with Syd Barrett playing synthesizers after taking an acid-laced bike ride and eating too many sweet treats and candy liqueurs.

Featured pop singles are Blue Dream Honey Slide, Overdrive, & Helicopter Head.

The Night Janitor incarnation is a window into the mind of Lafayette, Louisiana native son Anthony Cuccia who performed, mixed (with Tim Robertson), recorded, and produced nearly every aspect of Raspberry Chocolate Souffle himself as well as drew the cover artwork. In other moments and times Anthony has performed as half of long running avant jazz rock amalgamation The Other Planets, as well as done session and live work with a huge array of talent including regular stints at Piety Street Recording with Mark Bingham. He currently plays in New Orleans based bands Rotary Downs, St. Cecilia Asylum Chorus, and The Get-Rwongs.

Street Music is the second full-length album and first vinyl release for New Orleans legendary STOOGES BRASS BAND. It showcases the band at a creative peak, performing some of the best known tunes from live shows, including the powerful tribute to trombonist “Shotgun Joe” Williams called Why They Had To Kill Him and their version of the O’Jays’ classic Family Reunion entitled appropriately, Stooges Reunion.

The audio of Street Music is bright and vibrant like the front row of a live show while capturing the depth and interplay between musicians and their instruments that is only possible in a studio session. The six tracks clock in at the perfect LP length of just under 18 minutes a side and were mastered for this release by J.Yuenger (White Zombie and numerous studio credits) and lacquers cut by the experts at Prairie Cat Mastering to create that same high standard of quality as heard on Sinking City Records 001 – RICKY B – B Is For Bounce.

The STOOGES BRASS BAND are in top form, playing worldwide in the last year including the UK, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan! They sold out Brooklyn Bowl in January and have played on stages from coast to coast, including Bonnaroo, High Sierra, Utah Jazz Festival, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Blue Note Jazz Festival, Essence Fest, Lincoln Center, and JFK Center. The urban brass band sound played by the Stooges follows in a direct line from Congo Square in New Orleans’ 6th Ward (Treme) incorporating funk, modern jazz, and hip hop. This is literally street music, and the Stooges stay grounded in those streets, playing second lines on many a Sunday afternoon throughout the year. In 2010 they won the first Red Bull Street Kingz competition and followed it up with a recording date with the legendary producer Mannie Fresh at Red Bull Studios. In 2012 they were named the “Best Contemporary Brass Band” at the Big Easy Awards.

Side A

  • Why They Had To Kill Him
  • Stooges Reunion
  • Can You Hear Me Now

Side B

  • Oh No
  • I Need You
  • I Gotta Eat

Street Music will be officially released at a show at the legendary Tipitina’s in New Orleans, on July 26th.

Sinking City Records is a vinyl-centric label created by Brice White (aka Brice Nice) and Scott Borne. The label was formed out of a love for the diverse talent across New Orleans. Sinking City showcases raw and exciting new artists across the musical spectrum as well as reissues lost treasures. Urban Unrest is a subsidiary label of Sinking City that features the true sounds of New Orleans streets – hip-hop, bounce, and brass band music.

Stooges Brass Band are available for interviews and shows www.stoogesmusicgroup.com

B Is For Bounce is the long overdue official reissue of classic hip-hop and bounce music from New Orleans legend Ricky B. Ricky’s classic Shake It Fo Ya Hood is as relevant today as it was when first released in 1994 on Mobo Records. An anthem of sorts, it is an ode to the streets of New Orleans, the tragedy and beauty, the joy and despair. Both the radio and street versions are included here, as they have slightly different lyrics. There is a debate about which one is the definitive version, but you can judge for yourself!

Unique, original, but distinctly New Orleans street music, the tracks on B Is For Bounce feature Brass Band music, second line and bounce beats, and call and response interactive chants that are a direct line from the Mardi Gras Indians tradition.

For anyone with a New Orleans connection, references to local schools, wards, projects, and neighbourhoods will bring back memories of home, but this music expands beyond regional boundaries to an upbeat celebration of life on city streets worldwide.

The tracks on B Is For Bounce have been carefully transferred and EQ’d from the original source material by audio wiz J. Yuenger (White Zombie & lots of production credits). They are by far the best fidelity versions of these tracks available

Side A

  • Y’all Holla
  • Shake It Fo Ya Hood (Radio)
  • Quarter Bird To A Brick
  • Granma Told Me
  • What School’s In The House

Side B

  • Let’s Go Gitt’em (with the Mac Band)
  • Who’s Got That Fire
  • City Streets
  • Shake It Fo Ya Hood

Shake It Fo Ya Hood (Radio) is featured on the Oxford American’s music issue and CD released December 2012. Sinking City Records is a vinyl-centric label created by Brice White (aka Brice Nice) and Scott Borne. The label was formed out of our love for the diverse talent across our city that is under-represented on wax and lacking in the national attention we feel it deserves. Sinking City will showcase raw and exciting new artists across the musical spectrum as well as reissue lost treasures. Urban Unrest is a subsidiary label of Sinking City that features the true sounds of New Orleans streets – hip-hop, bounce, and brass band music.

Ricky B is available for interviews and shows, please contact us for more info.