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Through a deep love of noodle bowls and records, we decided that there was too much great music going unnoticed, both new and old. With roots firmly planted in New Orleans, and an interest in celebrating good music everywhere, we decided to do something about it. Voila a label is born. Sinking City Records is our attempt to showcase music that moves us in hopes that it moves you too.

B Is For Bounce is the long overdue official reissue of classic hip-hop and bounce music from New Orleans legend Ricky B. Ricky’s classic Shake It Fo Ya Hood is as relevant today as it was when first released in 1994 on Mobo Records. An anthem of sorts, it is an ode to the streets of New Orleans, the tragedy and beauty, the joy and despair. Both the radio and street versions are included here, as they have slightly different lyrics. There is a debate about which one is the definitive version, but you can judge for yourself!

Unique, original, but distinctly New Orleans street music, the tracks on B Is For Bounce feature Brass Band music, second line and bounce beats, and call and response interactive chants that are a direct line from the Mardi Gras Indians tradition.

For anyone with a New Orleans connection, references to local schools, wards, projects, and neighbourhoods will bring back memories of home, but this music expands beyond regional boundaries to an upbeat celebration of life on city streets worldwide.

The tracks on B Is For Bounce have been carefully transferred and EQ’d from the original source material by audio wiz J. Yuenger (White Zombie & lots of production credits). They are by far the best fidelity versions of these tracks available

Side A

  • Y’all Holla
  • Shake It Fo Ya Hood (Radio)
  • Quarter Bird To A Brick
  • Granma Told Me
  • What School’s In The House

Side B

  • Let’s Go Gitt’em (with the Mac Band)
  • Who’s Got That Fire
  • City Streets
  • Shake It Fo Ya Hood

Shake It Fo Ya Hood (Radio) is featured on the Oxford American’s music issue and CD released December 2012. Sinking City Records is a vinyl-centric label created by Brice White (aka Brice Nice) and Scott Borne. The label was formed out of our love for the diverse talent across our city that is under-represented on wax and lacking in the national attention we feel it deserves. Sinking City will showcase raw and exciting new artists across the musical spectrum as well as reissue lost treasures. Urban Unrest is a subsidiary label of Sinking City that features the true sounds of New Orleans streets – hip-hop, bounce, and brass band music.

Ricky B is available for interviews and shows, please contact us for more info.

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